Active Noise and Vibration Control

SF340 2Active Noise and Vibration Control (ANVC) is an application area that has been around for a long time. However, due to cost, material and technology, its just in the last few years where this approach has started to come into applications on a broader scale. Our experience and research in this field dates back to beginning of 1980’s. Our team has been involved in a vast range of ANVC applications covering: headset, ventilation, cars, boats, trains, aircraft, space, machines, engines, soccer stadiums and much more. It is hard to find steam that is more experienced in this arena that also requires a strong “no box” approach to be successful.

The aircraft in the picture is a SAAB 340 that is used for simulation of flight states. Realistic sound fields are created that then can be used for ANVC testing or other system approaches. It is a rather advanced system with a loudspeaker ring, microphone robot and many microphones plus distributed 220V power. Thomas Lagö at QirraSound Technologies Europe AB is handling this aircraft fuselage.

In collaboration with QirraSound Technologies Europe AB, a vast range of courses can be offered in the USA within this field (North America). Please, visit the home page of QirraSound Technologies Europe AB for more information in regards to these courses.