KnowBox logo blue bild 3“A simple box has a simple purpose; to hold or contain animate or inanimate objects. Interestingly enough, ideas and concepts are subject to the con­straints that boxes place upon their respective contents. It is for that rea­son that many speak about the para­digm of “Thinking Outside The Box”.

At TechFuzionTM, we think differently. We ask a very powerful question“Why must the box exist at all?” We believe that ideas are meant to expand and concepts are meant to grow. The very nature of a “box” is contrary to this fundamental ideology. Most of the problems that are placed before us directly relate to an orga­nization’s vain attempt to solve the wrong problems, thus they will never fully realize the solutions they seek.

Unique results require innovative ap­proaches that move beyond the idea of “Out Of The Box” and into the realm of what we like to call “No-Box” thinking. Simply put, No-Box thinking is what we do at TechFuzion. We No-Box prob­lems and solutions for organizations just like yours, organizations that seek increased production, efficiency, qual­ity and, profitability.

So, allow us to “No-Box” your problems and sit back and watch your organiza­tion move from merely being “Out-Of­The-Box”, to being a “No-Box” company.”

Below, some custom design displays have been inserted to show how the user interface can look like. In this case, the testing of electrical motors according to some R&D and manufacturing design criteria is being handled automatically. We can design almost any user interface, making it easy for the tester to handle the test in a congruent manner.

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