Sound and Acoustics

Feedback_4 webThis is an important area. It is often forgotten how the room layout and acoustic attenuation affects speech and singing and therefore is directly related to speech intelligibility. Through a greater understanding of how to best manage the premises can often accomplish great results despite being rather simple and inexpensive. This is especially important for a new construction or renovation of the premises. With the right approach, large additional costs can be saved. Fixing challenges afterwards is often very expensive!

We have a number of courses in this field and Dr. Thomas Lagö is an international expert on the subject. Our courses creates a whole new understanding of how simple means can achieve a significantly better environment. Contact us if you want to know more or need consulting help!

In collaboration with QirraSound Technologies Europe AB, a vast range of courses can be offered in the USA within this field. Please, visit the home page of QirraSound Technologies Europe AB for more information in regards to these courses.